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 Join Pak Army as Soldier 2021, Apply Online www.joinpakarmy.gov.pk

This page of our website is for Join Pak Army as Soldier 2021. Interested candidates who are looking for Join Pak Army as Soldier 2021should not miss this career opportunity. The jobs were recently announced by concerning Department.



Publish date


Last date



Matric, intermediate, graduate,Masters






Candidates on this page can get online registration as a soldier in Pakistan Army 2021 online from the given website.


The latest jobs as a Junior Commissioned Officer and soldiers in Pakistan Army 2021 have been announced today for those who want to join the Pakistan Army and serve the nation.

Men from Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan are invited to apply for government jobs. There are some prerequisites that eligible candidates must meet, and can be checked in the image below if you want more details on eligibility.

Vacant Posts:

Post Name



Junior Commissioned Officers (Naib Khateeb)

(BPS 11)



Military Police



Sweeper/Sanitary Worker


Qualification criteria for soldier:


The following citizens who have domicile are eligible to apply.


Azad Kashmir


Age: the age limit is 17 1/2 to 23 years are eligible to apply but there is one year discount in upper age limit for graduates, martyred children and 2 years discount is available for drivers but those who apply Ready for them.

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Pak Army latest jobs in Ministry of Defense, Latest jobs


Visit this page of our website to get Pak Army latest jobs in Ministry of Defense. Applications are currently being submitted from the Military Land and Cantonment Department, a federal government department operating under the Ministry of Defense.



Publish date


Last date



Graduation, Intermediate, Matric,






Male / Female


These jobs have recently been announced by the department and experienced and responsible candidates should apply for Pak Army latest jobs in Ministry of Defense. The following posts based on Lahore Military Land and Cantonments which the applicants need to fill up soon.

Graduate / Intermediate / Matriculation qualification with relevant skills is required to apply for these posts. These positions are contractual. Applicants will be given an attractive package.

Vacant Posts:

Ser No

Post Name






Steno typist









How to Apply for Pak Army latest job:

·        Applicants should have to apply online at the following website


·        Only online applications will be submitted for the selection process.

·        The deadline to apply is 26-09-2021.

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Fauji Foundation Rawalpindi Jobs, Apply online

                                          Fauji Foundation Rawalpindi Jobs

سابق فوجیوں کی بہبود کے لیے نجی ٹرسٹ

روزگار کے مواقع

فوجی فاؤنڈیشن راولپنڈی میں ہیڈ آفس میں خدمات دینے کے لیے درخواستیں طلب کر رہی ہے۔ ان ملازمتوں کا حال ہی میں فوجی فاؤنڈیشن راولپنڈی جابز 2021 کے طور پر اعلان کیا گیا ہے – دی گئی ویب سائٹ پر آن لائن درخواست دیں۔


دلچسپی رکھنے والے امیدوار جو نوکری کی تلاش میں ہیں وہ نیچے دی گئی اسامیوں کے لیے درخواست دیں۔

Fauji Foundation Rawalpindi Jobs


شائع ہوا۔



بیچلر ، ماسٹر



ڈیڈ لائن

ایک سے زیادہ

خالی آسامیاں۔

فوجی فاؤنڈیشن


خواتین /مرد


·       JoinWhatsApp:

·       Latest jobsin Pakistan:

·       PakistanArmy jobs:

·       Other Govtjobs:

فوجی فاؤنڈیشن ہیڈ آفس راولپنڈی نے زیر ذکر پوسٹوں کے لیے روزگار کے لیے درخواستیں طلب کی ہیں:-


منیجر / ڈپٹی منیجر (ای آر پی فنکشنل کنسلٹنٹ)


منیجر / ڈپٹی منیجر (اوریکل فنانشل ایکسپرٹ)


منیجر / ڈپٹی منیجر (ماڈیول فنکشنل کنسلٹنٹ)


منیجر / ڈپٹی منیجر (ڈی بی اے)


اسسٹنٹ منیجر / جونیئر منیجر (ڈویلپمنٹ اینڈ امپلیمنٹ ویب)


اسسٹنٹ منیجر / جونیئر منیجر (ڈویلپمنٹ اینڈ امپلیمنٹیشن اوریکل)


اسسٹنٹ منیجر سیکرٹریٹ / PS سے MD


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Jobs for women in FC KPK, Latest jobs in frontier crop KPK

Jobs for women in FC KPK All candidates who meet the criteria set by the department are eligible to apply for the job.

Published on











Frontier Corps KP




Jobs for women in FC KPK Headquarters Frontier Corps KP (North) needs civilian lady medical officers for FC Complex Hayatabad and Garrison Medical Complex Warsak on a contract basis. The job requirements are as follows:


Gender – Female


MBBS – Qualified


Valid PMDC/ PMC License


At least one year experience after house job (more experienced applicant will be preferred).


Preference will be given to wives of Armed Forces officers.



Interested candidates may send their CV along with attested copies of the MBBS Degree. House Job Certificate, valid PMC I PMCS license arid experience certificate (if any) to Headquarters Frontier Corps KP (North) Medical branch. Fort Balahisar. Peshawar before 25 September, 2021.

Contact on 091-9211674 for any query.


DDMS Headquarters Frontier Corps KP (North)

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Join the Pakistan Army, latest Army jobs in Pakistan

Join the Pakistan Army

ملٹری کالج آف انجینئرنگ رسالپور میں 2021 کی تازہ ترین پوسٹوں کے لیے درخواست دیں۔ ملٹری کالج آف انجینئرنگ رسالپور کینٹ میں پاک فوج میں شمولیت اختیار کریں جہاں پنجاب سے ڈومیسائلڈ امیدواروں کے لیے تازہ ترین نوکریوں کا اعلان کیا جاتا ہے۔ جو تعلیم یافتہ ہیں اور دی گئی پوسٹوں کی ضروریات کے مطابق متعلقہ تجربہ رکھتے ہیں۔

Join the Pakistan Army

جیسا کہ عنوان سے پتہ چلتا ہے کہ یہ نوکریاں رسالپور شہر میں پاک فوج کے دائرہ کار میں ہیں۔ پھر یہ مانا جا سکتا ہے کہ یہ نوکریاں مستقل بنیادوں پر بھرتی کی جائیں گی اور تکمیل کا کوئی ٹینشن نہیں ہے۔ اب ، آئیے قابلیت کے معیار پر جائیں اور قابلیت کے معیار کو نیچے تصویر میں یا اس پیراگراف میں تفصیل سے دیکھیں۔ جو لوگ معیار پر پورا اترتے ہیں وہ درج ذیل طریقہ کار کے مطابق درخواست دے سکتے ہیں ۔

اہلیت کا معیار:

خالی پوزیشن کے لیے ، پوسٹ انٹرمیڈیٹ / میٹرک ہولڈر درخواست دے سکتے ہیں لیکن متعلقہ شعبوں میں کم از کم 2 سال کا تجربہ ہونا چاہیے۔

خالی عہدے:


سیریل نمبر

پوسٹ کا نام

بنیادی تنخواہ کا پیمانہ



ایل ڈی سی

بی پی ایس – 09



ڈرافٹس مین

بی پی ایس – 07


کے پی کے



بی پی ایس – 01

کے پی کے

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Jubilee Life Insurance jobs, Latest insurance jobs – Pk latest jobs, news

This page of our website is for new Jubilee Life Insurance jobs. these career opportunities were recently announced by Jubilee Life Insurance. 

We collect these positions from the official Jubilee Life Insurance website which is given below.
Candidates who are interested in getting this job are requested to visit this page of our website to get Jubilee Life Insurance jobs.


Published on 09-08-2021
Place Pakistan
Education Bachelor
Deadline 01-09-2021
Vacancies 42
Address Jubilee Life Insurance, Lahore


Jubilee Life Insurance invited candidates to fill the following positions and wants to recruit new and experienced professionals who are able, hardworking, and specialize in their respective fields. People with a bachelor’s degree can apply for these positions.


Vacant posts:

Ser No Post Name
1. Assistant Branch Manager
2. Financial Consultant / Insurance Advisor
3. Sales Team Manager
4. Team Manager


How to apply?

  1. The authorized company accepts only online applications through the given button below.
apply online


  1. You can click the button given above to submit your CV online or click here
  2. The Deadline for submission of online applications is 01-09-2021.

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government jobs in army, Pak Army FF center jobs – Pk latest jobs,news

This page of our website is for government jobs in army which were recently announced about Pak Army FF Regimental Center Record Wing Abbottabad Jobs 2021. 

This ad is taken from the Daily Express newspaper. Residents of Abbottabad and rural Sindh can apply For these posts.


Published on 08-08-2021
Location Abbottabad
Education Matric, Primary
Deadline 23-08-2021
Organization Pakistan Army
Address Admin Officer, FF Central Record Wing, Abbottabad


Vacancies are vacant

Applications are required for the following posts in Pak Army FF Regiment Center Record Wing Abbottabad. government jobs in army


Ser No Post Name BPS Qualification Education Age
1 (LDC) Lower division clerk 09 Typing speed should be 30 words per/ minute and computer qualified Matric 18 to 30 year
2. Cook Mess 01 specialize in cooking Primary 18 to 30 year


Important instructions for government jobs in army
  • Send the application to the Admin Officer, FF Center Record Wing, Abbottabad within fifteen days of the publication of the advertisement.
  • Applications that arrive after the deadline or are not completed are not considered
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be invited.
  • Be sure to write down your address and phone number on the application and send a certified photocopy of your domicile ID card, educational credentials, two fresh passport size photographs, and a postal order of Rs.800 for LDC, and 200 for cook.
  • Must be eligible for NITB basic IT course otherwise, the institution is entitled to dismiss him.
  • The competent officer has the power to recruit and reject the application at any time and challenge it in any court.
  • For the posts of Serial No. 2, only the residents of the areas responsible for the 10 crops will be able to do so. However, give preference to the locals.

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Government jobs in KPK, Water & Sanitation Services Company Mardan

Government jobs in KPK Water & Sanitation Services Company Mardan Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 


Official Website: www.wsscm.gkp.pk
Mardan Water and Sanitation Services Company is established by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is regulated under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 to provide integrated but improved drinking water, sanitation, and solid waste management services in urban areas of Mardan. Is. Registered as Government jobs in KPK.
WSSCM is looking for experienced and qualified people to fill the following position.

Vacant post:

1. Legal Advisor 01 Position




Candidates pursuing at least LLB from a recognized university by the Higher Education Commission should have at least 10 years of standing practice qualification experience.

Candidate should have at least 03 years of experience in corporate sector private or public companies with an emphasis on corporate law, with reputation or with the legal department of a listed company which are stand practice courts.

Preference will be given to candidates who have worked in an international organization or similar. The maximum age limit is 50 years for Government jobs in KPK. Remuneration will be offered as per the company’s policy to the selected candidate.

How to Apply?

  • CV applications along with CV / Resume, certified copies (degrees and transcripts) of Academic Definition, Certificate of Experience, and a recent photograph will reach the following address by August 25, 2021.
  • The application will not be considered which is incomplete. There is no age discount in WSSCM.
  • No documents will be accepted after the closing time and date.
  • Please specify the requested position on the top right corner of the envelope.

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jazz new jobs 2021, latest jobs in mobilink – Pk latest jobs,news

 ہماری ویب سائٹ کا یہ پیج ہمارے زائرین کے لیے ہے جو جاز میں (jazz new jobs 2021)موجودہ اور آنے والی ملازمتوں کے بارے میں معلومات پڑھ سکتے ہیں۔ فی الحال ، ہم نے یہاں جاز کی نئی نوکریاں 2021 کا تازہ ترین اعلان شائع کیا ہے۔


دی گئی ویب سائٹ کے ذریعے آن لائن درخواست دیں۔


 جسے ہم جاز کیریئرز کی آفیشل ویب سائٹ سے جمع کراتے ہیں۔ جاز پورے پاکستان سے انتہائی قابل اور تجربہ کار پیشہ ور افراد کی خدمات حاصل کر رہا ہے۔

jazz new jobs 2021

پوسٹ کیا گیا          :       5 اگست 2021۔
 مقام: ا  سلام آباد ، لاہور ، ملتان
 تعلیم: بیچلر ، ماسٹر۔
 آخری تاریخ: 13 اگست ، 2021
 خالی جگہ: ایک سے زیادہ
 کمپنی: جاز



·       ہمارے واٹس ایپ گروپ جوائن کریں۔


·       سرکاری ملازمتیں تلاش کریں۔
·       نجی ملازمتیں تلاش کریں۔
فی الحال ، جاز اپنے محکموں اور تنظیم ، کسٹمر ایکسپیرینس اور کسٹمر کیئر ، ریجن نارتھ ، جاز بزنس ، سروس آپریشنز ، اکاؤنٹ مینجمنٹ ، کمرشل ، نیٹ ورک آپریشنز ، ڈائیورسٹی اور انکلوژن ، چینل پلاننگ اور ڈسٹری بیوشن کے لیے عملہ بھرتی کر رہا ہے۔ ۔ ٹیلی کمیونیکیشن سیکٹر میں کیریئر کے مواقع کے حصول میں دلچسپی رکھنے والے پیشہ ور افراد کو اس اعلان میں شامل ہونے کی دعوت دی جاتی ہے۔

خالی عہدے:

jazz new jobs 2021


Analytics Intern


DFS Executive


Expert Digital Lending


Expert People Analytics


Manager Growth Acceptance Business


Proposal Executive


Regional Manager Security (Central B)


Specialist Product & Support


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